Ibra-I-SmallScio Mondo is my artistic name. I starting using it for my photography and artistic work when I decided to become a full time photographer, leaving behind the safety of my formal job as a Telecommunication Engineer specialized in the aviation field.

At that time, I did not only decide to change my profession and become a photographer, something that I dreamed for years, but also started a long journey around the world with the objective of making a visual record of new cultures and their social aspects as well as natural landscapes. I wanted to understand the light and its interaction in different scenarios, natural and controlled.

Through this experience, and for the time being, I realized that to become someone who understands the light is not only about the light itself, it’s also about the subject, and finally about yourself. You need to create a connection with what you want to visually register, and for that you need to know, feel and understand it.

For me, photography is a lifestyle, it’s a passion that fulfills my existence, and therefore, I divide my time between developing my technique and understanding my photography subjects.

This is how I consider I can finally create an original capture, one that contains not only a visual content, but also a glimpse of the soul.

My name is Ibrahim Gonzalo, I was born in Venezuela, in 1976. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering. I studied German and Japanese language as a way to understand those cultures. I have been traveling to around 35 countries, doing photography work which includes nature, landscape, weddings and specially, beauty and fashion.